Red Sonja #76 – The Fallout from Prophecy Starts Here!

 by Rosemary Kiladitis

For anyone who hasn’t yet read Dynamite’s Prophecy Crossover – it’s out in trade paperback, and you should give yourself the luxury of reading it. This is a spoiler-free review, though, so read without fear.

After the events of the Prophecy crossover, Red Sonja has gone missing. No one knows where she’s been, but when she reappears on the scene, she’s being hunted, and there are rumors flying about what’s happened to her. Sonja’s own memory seems to be compromised  saying her recollections are “shrouded in mist”.

red sonja 76

I can’t give too much background here, to avoid spoilers, but this issue – Part 1 of the 5-part Crimson Well series – begins the last Red Sonja storyline before the book relaunches with Gail Simone taking on writing duties. Brandon Jerwa has writing duties on Red Sonja; Crimson Well, and he wastes no time throwing Sonja – and us – into action. If you’ve ready Prophecy and know what’s going on, fantastic. If not, and you either have a basic idea of what’s going on or don’t mind having things revealed as you read on, that’s great, too – Jerwa’s writing draws you right in, with enough teasing to keep you on your toes until the next issue, while at the same time, leaving you satisfied with a well set-up story.

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