Peyo’s lost classic Benny Breakiron is simply charming, and lots of fun!


I was 11 in 1981. It was a hell of a year in film, movies like Raiders of The Lost Ark, Clash of the Titans, Escape From New York, Excaliber, even Stripes were in theaters. Television premiered shows like; Simon and Simon, The Fall Guy, Today’s F.B.I. and a bunch of others I loved. It was a really good year. But then we had the cartoons…

Ouch. I mean really, Goldie Gold and Action Jack and Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends were okay I guess but there was also; The Kid Super Power Hour with Shazam!, The Kwicky Koala Show, Space Stars, Trollkins, and of course The Smurfs.

I get it, I was eleven. These shows weren’t meant for me, but the fact remains I’ve never bothered looking at any of Peyo’s (creator of the Smurfs) work because of that show. It’s one of those cartoons that can actually drive me to violence. (Which is probably why my 7 yr old insists on watching it whenever she notices it’s on)

Well I review comics now, so when a publisher sends you something to look at you kind of feel obligated to at least check it out. Which is of course how I happened upon Benny Breakiron.

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