Howard Chaykin brings Buck Rogers to Hermes Press! Is it a good fit?



















Howard Chaykin brings Buck Rogers to Hermes Press! Is it a good fit?


Chaykin on a Buck Rogers title?

Does his style really suit a story that’s traditionally told (at least to my memory) with a sort of art deco influence? I felt the same way about Chaykin’s Rocketeer. What’s a good Chaykin book, one that you feel epitomizes his visual style?

Juan Pineda:

I’m a Chaykin fan! From American Flagg to Blackhawk! I would read his Buck Rogers, I think it is a great fit. Do you remember he did the second issue of Marvel’s adaptation of Star Wars? It was the best drawn out of the story.

Rosemary Kiladitas:

I’d forgotten about his work on Star Wars! I’d check it out.

Nancy Mathews:

You had me at Buck Rogers ;)

Rob Greenwood (Alternativemindz):

There is no one right now who would do old Buck Rogers proud than Howard Chaykin. I’ve always loved his style and story telling. His American Flagg books are some of my favorite.
Also Juan is 100% right I think Dark Horse has the trades with Howard’s work.

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