Pak and Coulton announce expanded page count for graphic novel


New York, NY – April 16, 2013. The “Code Monkey Save World” graphic novel Kickstarter launched yesterday morning by Greg Pak and Jonathan Coulton has already reached $79,000 on its second day, more than doubling its initial goal of $39,000.

As a result, Pak and Coulton will increase the page count of the final graphic novel from 60 pages to 80 pages. All backers who choose rewards that include the book will receive the expanded book at no extra cost. All backers who choose mailed rewards will also receive “Code Monkey Save World” stickers at no extra charge. Because stickers are awesome.

“We had a feeling this was a good idea, but I think we’re both overwhelmed by the response,” says Coulton. “It’s wonderful to feel so well-supported, but mostly I’m excited about what other cool stuff we might be able to create with this unexpected windfall. Maybe jetpacks!”

“Seriously, y’all, we love you,” says Pak. “I’m not even kidding. This project started because Jonathan and I had a big, goofy idea we fell in love with. But it’s becoming real because of the support and excitement of hundreds of awesome Kickstarter backers. You guys are the best.”

The Kickstarter will run until May 15 and can be reached via www.codemonkeycomix.com.

“Code Monkey Save World” is a graphic novel written by Greg Pak (“Planet Hulk,” “Batman/Superman,” “Magneto Testament”) and drawn by Takeshi Miyazawa (“Runaways”) based on the songs of internet superstar musician Jonathan Coulton. , Jessica Kholinne (“X-Treme X-Men”) will color, and Simon Bowland (“Incredible Hercules”) will letter. The book will be distributed digitally by Monkeybrain Comics via Comixology.

The book follows Code Monkey, the put-upon coding monkey from the eponymous Coulton song, as he teams up with the seething, lovelorn super-villain from Coulton’s song“Skullcrusher Mountain.” The unlikely duo fight robots, office worker zombies, and maybe even each other as they struggle to impress the amazing women for whom they fruitlessly long.

Other characters include office-worker-turned-action-heroine Matilde (the “you” to whom the song “Code Monkey” is sung), Laura the Robo Queen (from the song “The Future Soon”), Zombie Bob (from “Re: Your Brains”) and the heroic curler (from “Curl”).


Greg Pak is a comics writer and filmmaker best known for his feature film “Robot Stories” and comics such as “Planet Hulk,” “Magneto Testament,” and “Doctor Strange Season One” for Marvel and the upcoming “Batman/Superman” for DC. His acclaimed graphic novel “Vision Machine” is now available as a free iPad app. For more about Pak and his work, visit www.gregpak.com

Jonathan Coulton is a musician, singer-songwriter, and internet superstar best known for his nerd-friendly songs such as “Code Monkey,” “Re: Your Brains,” and “Still Alive” (the credit song from the video game “Portal”). Coulton shot to fame in 2005 after launching his “Thing a Week” project, during which he released a new song on the internet every week for a year. For more about Coulton, visit www.jonathancoulton.com. 

Takeshi Miyazawa is a Japanese Canadian artist whose work includes pencilling “Runaways” for Brian K. Vaughan and co-creating the Marvel character Amadeus Cho with Greg Pak. Aside from comic work he has also been involved with storyboarding for games and design work for film. For more about Miyazawa, visit www.takmiyazawa.com

Jessica Kholinne is an Indonesian comic colorist who grew up loving comic books, movies and games. Her recent projects include “X-Treme X-Men,” “Voodoo,” “Weirding Willows,” and many more. Kholinne is also part of a bigger studio called STELLAR Labs. For more on Kholinne’s work and STELLAR Labs, visit http://jessicakholinne.deviantart.com and http://www.facebook.com/STELLARLabs

Born and bred near Manchester, England, Simon Bowland has been lettering comics since 2003 and has worked on titles such as Marvel’s “Incredible Hulk,” “Spider-Man,” “Incredible Hercules,” and “Alpha Flight.” His work can currently be found in the pages of the UK’s “2000AD” and Judge Dredd Megazine publications, as well as titles such as “The Boys,” “Red Sonja,” “Battlefields,” and “Kirby: Genesis” for Dynamite Entertainment, and “HAPPY!” for Image Comics, collaborating with the likes of Grant Morrison, Garth Ennis, Kurt Busiek, Kevin Smith, Darick Robertson, and Matt Wagner. What little spare time he has is usually spent obsessing over football and motor-racing. Visit him on Twitter at twitter.com/simonbowlad

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