review: TMNT Color Classics Leonardo

TMNT color classics Leonardo

By Robert “Rob Base” Greenwood

So what are the color classics you ask? The color classics are taking Eastman and Laird’s classic comics and making them in living color. Does it hinder or does it help the comic? Personally I think it helps bring a new dimension to the comic and the colors aren’t done like its 2013,it just seems to fit nicely. As for the story, it is set on Christmas Eve and stars Leonardo who is out fighting for his life in the middle of a NYC snow storm, while the rest of the turtles are getting Christmas ready with April. It is a great contrast from the mundane silliness and the very real violence of the foot and shredder.This comic is perfectly done (of course it’s about 20 + years old already) reading these color classics makes me remember what it was like reading these comics when they first came out.

If you are a TMNT fan or a vintage comic collector this one shot is a must buy 4/5. I hope that parents who have children who enjoy the new TMNT cartoon will hopefully seek out some comics for their kids to read and this should be on the list.

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