Review: Polarity #1

Polarity #1

By Robert “Rob Base” Greenwood

It has finally happened. When I asked for comics to do something completely underground, to do something different, something that harkens back to what made me fall in love with underground comics in the first place, someone finally listened!

Polarity follows the story of a bipolar artist who hates that he lives the life of a hipster, hates the hipster girlfriend on his arm and cannot stand the fact that he has lost all his inspiration because of his medicine. He does something drastic and stops his meds and, as you might guess, things go crazy.

The book hits every mark that you would except from a comic book of this nature, witty dialogue and a sense of what, and who, it is aimed at. The story taking place in Brooklyn, NY holds true to so many truths that it made me look for a bottle of pills to take.

The artwork and colors fit perfectly with the story and, at times, it helps keep the pacing of the story. I hope that everyone who has ever loved comics of any kind will take a chance and buy Polarity and read with an open mind.  It is a 4/5 and a great start to a new and unique story.

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