ARK – a NEW Sci-Fi Graphic Novel from Arcana available 3/27!

By Chuck Suffel

I’m usually not a fan of the term “graphic novel”. I think it’s not only used way too often it’s often misapplied. In my opinion a “graphic novel” is a self-contained story, of not to few (or too many) pages that in at least some ways adheres to the rules of a novel. What we too often get is a reprinted collection of a past story arc labeled “graphic novel”.

This isn’t the case with Ark. It’s truly a sci-fi novel told in comic book format. I was at first concerned that it would be a rehash of an old trope, people on a long trip dealing with the realities that kind of environment can cause. But Peter Dabbene (the author) goes deeper than that. He creates a multi-layered story full of intrigue, mystery, romance, and action.

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