What’cha Reading: Interview with Ehmm Theory – Flagship Title from Action Lab: Danger Zone line

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Zombie Circus Midgets.

There I said it. Confused? So is Gabriel Ehmm, murdered by his girlfriend returned to earth by Saint Peter to do, well it hasn’t really been determined what he’s been sent back to do. But he’s here with his resurrected talking cat Mr. Whiskers and they’re stomping zombie circus midgets.

Written by Brockton McKinney and illustrated by Larkin Ford this is a dark, funny, gory, romp through world of the supernatural, or is it?

I was given the distinction of getting a first hand account of Ehmm Theory what it is and where it’s going from the writer and the artist today on skype. I apologize in advance for the slightly garbled recording, skype was not being kind to Brockton.

The interview lasts about 20 minutes and these two were slightly nuts. I had a blast talking with them!

Listen to the interview here

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