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Monstrology Launches On Kickstarter

The Monstrology Group is pleased to announce the launch of their Kickstarter campaign for their debut horror anthology at Assembled by Scott O. Brown and Rachel Deering, Monstrology is an anthology of eight different comics by eight different creative teams. Each team was assigned its own monster and location. What resulted is a wide variety of artistic styles and storytelling methods yielding an exciting collection of very different stories each with its own unique voice. Full color and 112 pages, the anthology will be a must have for any horror fan.

Scott O. Brown explains what makes this project different, “Everyone loves monsters but the unique nature of this project is that the Monsters are the driving theme of every story. These aren’t about twist endings–though we have some–nor is it about a good scare or gore–we have those, too. These stories mix and match monster in new milieus that bring out new, and interesting twists on the monsters and their victims.

Each story is listed below and a full description of each story can be found on the kickstarter project page.

Troll Behavior by Andrew Foley & G. Gerald Garcia

The Abomination Denomination by Scott O. Brown & Amin Amat

White Widow by Charles Webb & Andres Esparza

What Fools These Mortals Be by Joey Esposito, Erik Norris & JC Grande

Yolk by Erica J. Heflin & Elias Martins

Darkest Corners by Thacher E. Cleveland & Fernando Can

The View of Mumbichi Valley by Walt Mancing & Horacio Lalia

Children of Russia  by  Ryan Ferrier & Hugo Petrus

The cover art is by Steve Ellis, whose work has been seen at DC, Marvel, Wizards of the Coast, and more!

Check out the Kickstarter site at for more information on the creative teams and their stories. The fundraiser runs until Saturday Nov 24, 10:45pm EST.

Anthology editor, Scott O. Brown, is an award-winning Man of Comics™ who has worked in the industry for over a decade as a writer, letterer, editor and publisher, his work appears in books by Marvel, DC, Kodansha, Harcourt, and many others.

Rachel Deering is a freelance writer, editor, and letterer for comics. She lives in Columbus, OH with her wife and tiny chihuahua.

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