Review: Freelancers #1

Review: Freelancers #1
Boom Studios

By Robert Greenwood

Women and action have gone together like glue since the 60’s TV series the Avengers starring Miss Emma Peel. In time, action women have transcended the realm of fiction with TV shows like Charlie’s Angels up to Xena and beyond. In comics, a tough Amazon named Wonder Woman dominated comics from 1940’s to this very day. So any action based comic starring two female leads makes my mind rush with all the possibilities. Will it be like Lady Snowblood or are we getting some type of Femme Force?

Freelancers takes place in the modern day and is a tongue-in-cheek take on the “what if” world: what if Charlie’s Angels mixed with the lost boys of Peter Pan? Answer is simple enough.

We find two good friends trying to be the best at not really being the best in their field. Cas and Val grew up in a most unique orphanage. The likes that would make little Orphan Annie sing a lot more like Rza than a Hard Knock Life. They are trained in marital arts and become freelance “heroes” for hire. I use that term very very loosely. The story, without any spoilers, takes them from hit women to almost dead in nearly 20+ pages.

There is also a very cute back story as a pseudo double-feature in the back of the issue.

Overall, if you are a fan of comics like Gen 13 or Danger girl, this book is right up your alley.

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