Shellhead (Iron man) Jersey Review

Well Ladies and Gentlemen the moment has arrived…we are proud to bring to you our review of the Shellhead (Iron man) Jersey from our friends at Rink Gear aka. Geeky Jerseys.
If you caught our previous post about Rink Gear you’ll know they are a business dedicated to offering fully customized hockey gear. From digital printing to embroidery, they offer a wide range of professional level jerseys for all levels of play. Rink Gear also provides a graphic service to ensure they meet and exceed your needs. Their mission and guarantee is to offer the highest quality at the lowest price.
On with the review though! Firstly I will say the turnaround time is fantastic for what are fully customized pieces of kit; you’re probably talking about 8 weeks from the end of the selling window until it is ready to be shipped to you. Shipping is also very fast, we are based in Northern Ireland and got our jersey within a week of it being shipped out; this should mean that those of you on the other side of the pond can expect to get yours even more quickly.
On to the actual jersey itself, it is an absolutely beautiful piece of kit. You can see and feel the quality as soon as you remove it from the bag. It feels like a proper hockey jersey because it is a proper hockey jersey, not one of these lightweight wannabe jerseys you see advertised. The colours (yes colours not colors – we are in the UK of course) are vibrant and in your face, the stitching on the different sections/name/numbers is really high quality and far better than most hockey jerseys I have played in. Then of course you have the main piece of the jersey, the Arc Reactor! This just makes the jersey stand out even more. If someone doesn’t realise what jersey this is from a distance then they’ll realise as soon as they get that little bit closer! The same goes for the quality of all Geeky Jerseys that Rink Gear make.
On ice the jersey is exactly what you expect, a top quality jersey that does the job that is required of it. Don’t get me wrong, I know the vast majority of these jerseys will never be worn on ice but having worn Shellhead in full kit I can guarantee you it holds up fantastically.
Most of you though, who get a jersey from Rink Gear/Geeky Jerseys, will be wearing them casually and I can tell you this…be prepared for loads of attention! I wore the Shellhead jersey to my local professional team (The Belfast Giants) game this past weekend and people couldn’t stop commenting on the jersey and asking where I had got it from, even the players where coming up and asking about it.
So to summarise…Geeky Jerseys provide a fantastic service for something so specialised. They keep bringing us jersey after jersey that you just want! Be it Iron man, Captain America, Batman, Zelda, Doctor Who or Star Wars and this is to name but a few. Operation Retroshock cannot recommend these guys to you more, go ahead treat yourself, you won’t regret it.

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