Review: The Shaolin Cowboy Adventure Magazine

by Robert Greenwood

The Shaolin Cowboy created by Geof Darrow

Story 1: Writer: Andrew Vachss Illustrator: Geof Darrow

Story 2: Writer: Michael A. Black Illustrator: Gary Gianni

Cover Art by: Scott Gustafson


“The Shaolin Cowboy and the white mule trudged on past the sign, only to find themselves crossing ground so barren that it made the area they just left look lush by comparison.”


If you can take any Tarantino infused dream and have it in book form, Shaolin Cowboy would be that book. One part Pulp, two parts Grindhouse, and a heapful of Penny Dreadfuls, this is the formula for something new yet so familiar. The Shaolin Cowboy Adventure Magazine tales what was special nearly 85 years ago and updates it for the modern audience.

Some of the newer audience members ages 25 and younger may not quite get the tongue-in-cheek humor or the style of book this is. For those who don’t know the format of a pulp magazine, it’s mostly text with illustrated pinups.

The artwork is done with respect to the classic “pulp” style or if you’re a fan Doc Savage, you will instantly recognize the style.  The cover is done by Scott Gustafson and harkens back to the 1950’s novella style. The two written stories have some amazing talents in Geof Darrow and Gary Gianni (respectfully) helping the reader visualize the written word perfectly.

The only downside I can find with this amazing magazine is the price, but of course with the rise of paper and the digital movement, I hope this collection finds an audience fast and gets this long forgotten format a new voice.

The Shaolin Cowboy Adventure Magazine sells for $15.99 (1599 cents on the cover) and is worth picking up.

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