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Hello everyone and welcome to the 6th installment of Wrestleshock reviews. As you would have heard on the last episode, Hayley (xswantongirlyx) Stewart did a review on the Trish Stratus DVD and now i have a few other reviewers for the podcast.

First of all I review a DVD that means a great deal to me as its one of my favourites – that’s right i review Mick Foley’s Hits and misses…..or do i? Well there is only one way to find out and that’s by listening.
Martin Stynes (martintalks on youtube) has a fantastic review on the Phenom of the WWE and that is the Undertaker! Martin goes over the epic set Tombstone – History of the Undertaker. Thank you to Martin for doing a great job!

Not to be outdone Chris Hill (mrbigred1990 on youtube) has a similar set in mind and that is the 3 disk set of the Twisted and Disturbed life of Kane! Chris does an amazing job on his review of one of his favourite WWE superstars!

This is the longest episode of Wrestleshock reviews so far and thank you to the guys for their terrific reviews! If you know of a DVD i should review, then email me at vinto316@gmail.com or head over to my youtube channel Vintomania and look at my DVD collection and post a comment. Follow me on twitter Vinto316, Mike lacey is @mlacey91, Martin is @martinstyness and Chris Hill is @chrishill90. Dont forget to follow the show @Wrestleshock316!

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