Review of Aspen comic’s Idolized #0

By Robert Greenwood


In the current world we live in, those fleeting moments we call life sometimes seem to pass us by. With the advent of the TV shows like American Idol and America’s got talent, millions of normal people can have those preverbal 15 minutes of fame. It can make even the most mundane person Jump out of their comfort zone. Now imagine a world filled with super powered beings all fighting for those same 15 minutes?

This is the world that Aspen Comics presents in their new comic series Idolized. In the #0 issue  we learn about the new reality show “Superhero Idol” and what it takes to become a superhero.

The grand prize isn’t a record deal, No trip to Vegas, or even their own TV show. That would be a silly prize for a would- be super hero. Instead they get to be a part of the greatest group of Super powered beings ever assembled.

“The Powered Protectors”

The comic follows one girl’s dream of being a superhero and doing what she always wanted to do. Does she succeed, or will she fail miserably? Well you are going to have to read the book for yourself and find out.

You will follow young Leslie aka “Joule” on her quest in Idolized. The book is written by David Schwartz (“Meltdown”) and drawn by one of our favorite artists Micah Gunnell (“Shrugged”, “Dellec”)

Sometimes, when I see comics that grab from real life in a parody type fashion it always leads to disappointment. Idolized doesn’t parody, it excels at telling a hard hitting story with hits of action and simple yet stunning art.

Idolized issue #0 comes out June 27 go and buy it up and  check out their FaceBook page here

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