Masters Comic Cast 03: Fan Mail

Welcome to the episode 03 of Masters Comic Cast! The monthly podcast about all the Masters of the Universe comics in 2012!
This time the gang are discussing Fan Mail and are down one co-host with Jukka not being able to keep the peace.
Will chaos prevail?
Enjoy the show!
In this episode you have the usual roaster of Rob from AlternativeMindz, (In Spirit)  Jukka from Scrolls of Eternia and Joe from Joe Amato Custom Creations! Follow them on twitter @AltMindz, @ToonJukka and @JoeAmato2!
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  1. Hi there,
    so i have been listening to you guys for a bit…first time writing.

    i don’t think you are being fair to the Filmation series, especially to Cringer……i understand its comic talk….but as you stated it is part of a giant library

    You give praise and depth to comics, but don’t look for any depth in the characters in the Flimation series. 
    The Flimation series….instead of adding intense depth to characters, added more more depth to the UNIVERSE, with multitudes of characters and places, and also the ideas alone in the series are still to this day….confusing for some people to understand. 

    And you stated you weren’t sure why you were glued to it?

    The Colours throughout that entire series….is reason enough to watch it.

    And by the sounds of it…i get the impression, only my impression…that you haven’t seen much.

    About Cringer: 

    First off….saying Cringer is special…and then going on how about removing what made him actually special, “his ability to speak”, is so GREAT…is kinda annoying. 
    In Filmation canon there is a prophecy where 2 kids are destined, Adam and Adora. Adora was kidnapped and that changed things, Adam no longer had a half to share the power that 2 were destined for. So Adam needed a new half to share the burden of the intense power. If you watch the series, that half is Cringer…Sorceress said so…..Adam found a “pup” tiger and on that same day Orko came into, saving them from some goo situation. 
    It is quite obvious Cringer is not the much older from when he was first found…or doesn’t age as fast as people on Eternia ….he goes through quite the GROWTH.

    Thanks to the Flimation series….i am able to ask some questions about Cringer….awesome continuity questions that helped build the universe you love. How BIG can he get? Can he get bigger than portrayed so far? How long is it gonna take for HIM to JUST grow to the Battlecat size, without the power? Will Cringer out live Adam and be Battlecat for Dare? Why Cringer? Is it the power of HE that makes him talk?…pretty special and unique thing to do when you are the only animal that can. Is his race or species of tiger GIANT TALKING SCAREDY CATS? Is it the power of HE that gives him his bravery?

    Adam in the cartoon yes has a big build….but is in no way a “man”….he is a Prince, and is portrayed as any other teenage “prince” in film, as not interested.They didn’t go with small adam i say because….they gave us something simple like understanding a CLARK KENT/SUPERMAN situation, again not giving children enough credit to understand and all that jazz.

    But with Cringer he still hasn’t grown to his fully grown state….meaning he is still a “pup” of sorts….why wouldn’t he be scared going into any battle…..any “pup” or “kid” would be. 

    And all the 2000 He-man series did, is turn Cringer into a horse for He-man. In the Filmation, Battlecat backed up He-man all kinds, by calling out situations, finding things and communicating with Adam…yadda yadda….they took away his power to speak.

    And it seems you missed….the few episodes where Cringer braves up and leaps into battle asking Adam to turn him into Battlecat, again more depth to the character, a character coming to terms with things. 

    As for Orko:

    Poor guy…Eternia just messes that guy’s powers up….he needs his wand. Tons of character depth, from where he is from to the power he actually holds. Did you know that the Sorceress keeps convincing him to not go back to Trolla? I am convinced she brought him there. It sounds like he was always intended to do great things with He-man. How old you think he is? Do you not think he is also a child? A child with great power? And why the hell won’t anyone go get his GAWD DAMN WAND, like the Sorceress, Man-at-Arms….do they think he is too powerful to help get his stuff back? Is it too powerful for Eternia? What is Orko like with full power? Will he be even more powerful, say in the days of KING HE-MAN? Will Orko EVER go fishing for that wand in the goo?

    In the show Orko is portrayed as a child who is also meant to help “the most powerful man in the universe”, when his powers are out of control…..i would be nervous and clumsy all kinds too.

    Both Cringer and Orko are important to Adam/He-man from the beginning….character depth….but again, missed because they were the comedic relief of the series.

    You forget about how much grief Mattel and Filmation got about using Barbarian men and Skeletons, of course there is comedic relief…of course they are not gonna kill and be the badass like the comics were. 

    Also it’s a comic to “film”ation….thing you are comparing….no comic movie has been able to keep any amazing details from comic.

    The Attack Track was alright still…..and for the record, did not come out in “steampunk” toy form or the Filmation version…it was something else……a motorcycle with 4 wheels.

    Masters of the Universe live action:

    …..the TOY collectors stop buying the TOYS, KIDS stopped watching the cartoon, and it was up to 1 Director to pull it off keep a dying franchise from dying, the thing went through so many rewrites…a major company pullout…and Mattel forced so many things to happen. BUT that movie, the first 5 minutes on Eternia…is AMAZING, the story takes place after Filmation….DEPTH MAJOR DEPTH TURNING POINT…Skeletor rules Eternia….BIG BIG HUGE THING….I was like 5 or 6 and when i saw Eternia…and the fighting, seeing Gliwdor, they said each of theirs names….and i believed, so what…..He-man had a mullet instead of bowl cut…..but it was Eternia, and through out the whole movie you just wanted to go back to see more of Eternia. Skeletor was amazing…Frank Langella did amazing, and the inside of Grayskull looked amazing, no different then any 300 or Thor kinda set.

    And if you pay attention Jack Kirby influence……hover discs, boomtube…..BIG Darkseid-esque…kinda feel to Skeletor.

    I think with both the Filmation and the Live action you didn’t watch them….you basically keep watching “not your version”…..i wouldn’t like them either….if that were the case.


    You knocked He-man fighting a skeleton…..when for years you are following the Adventures of He-man whose nemesis….is a Skeleton…..bigger or smaller….he is MAGIC he should be able grow and shrink, yadda yadda, there’s a spell somewhere.

    And for the record… the Filmation series He-man is losing strength….half way through the series….He-man struggles to push a boulder, never mind throwing things into space anymore. MORE DEPTH!!!!!! Why is losing power? Is he using it too fast? How about if him losing power leads to his blank memory?

    You talk about support, but there was not 1 positive thing you said about the Filmation series. Also you guys mention, not judging…speculating the new DC Comics, and giving the comics a shot….yadda yadda….but you still haven’t seen the entire Filmation series.

    At this point with the Mattel and the Matty figures, with these new bios and stuff….how anyone can consider Masters of the Universe, to be just 1 thing….cartoon or comic, not DC, just mini comics….no no its the record story book…..yadda yadda….its all CANON at this point.

    He-man is stronger than Superman…..the COMIC said so… your He-man Vs “the invulnerable” Superman? Outcome…..well He-man is juiced up on magic….easy win. Being “THE MOST POWERFUL MAN IN THE UNIVERSE” does not mean you are invulnerable….it just means you haven’t been beat up yet.


    MORE DEPTH!!!!!! SHEESH>>>>>>>Lots you can build with him. Where was he? Where did he go? Did he want to be found? Did he leave and go back to where he was hiding? What was his actually interest in seeing Adora, to only disappear again? HOW OLD IS THAT GUY? Lots….but because you don’t need Miro….it doesn’t matter.

    But for people talking about grand scale world building…. DC COMICS GIVE US AN ONGOING SERIES!!!!!! You guys are not including characters that some people deem to be crucial and depth filled (and is very much part of the Masters of the Universe continuity)…into the possibility of grand stories, instead of working with….and evolving this ever growing series of mediums…you only state what you want and what you are looking for.

    I bet you all have Orko and Cringer on your shelves.

    MIRO IS “THE UNNAMED” ONE…….babhahahahahahahahah

    •  I agree with what you say but in the end. The Filmation wasn’t for me then and still doesn’t do much for me now. I have always had issues with the series and that will never change. I am more than happy you are a fan who loves it. 90% are diehard Filmation fans. I for whatever my reasoning is Am not. I watched every episode but since I don’t like it it’s hard to remember things about the show since once again I didn’t like it. I love the live action movie the only gripe I have with it (it went to earth) I dig the cosmic key element and Skeletor was perfect in the film. I think for me He-Man cracking jokes and having a cowardly lion/Tiger bothers what made me want the toys in the first place. He is Battle cat to me not Talking Wizard of Oz who becomes tough after he gets zapped with a sword.

      Thank you for listening and in the end these are just our opinions. Joe and Jukka are diehard lovers and big fans of Filmation. consider me the angry uncle of the MOTU world!

      I do notice that people who don’t agree with me also don’t care  about my reasons and automatically think I am not a true fan. In the end that bothers me greatly. I own all the Comics ,Lady Bird books, Mini comics,Trading cards,board games, ETC… So Just because I don’t want or need Miro in my world doesn’t me I am not a fan. those people who think that are just angry cause I don’t agree with them  but I don’t have too. In the end I don’t piss on your liking the Filmation and I get why you guys love it. It was all our childhood but for me I don’t look back fondly and that is my problem.

      If Miro turned out to be the Unamed one that would rock LOL

      • Hey there….thanks for the reply and stuff…..i was just having some fun. Really i was hoping to spark a huge debate of sorts…..but nobody else responded. I am a fan of and totally appreciate what you guys have put together there, and what you all contribute too.

        LOL Happy 30th Anniversary and 25th Anniversary…..i do love it all 🙂

        Good Journey

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