Operation Retroshock # 8

Welcome to an extremely Radical Episode of Operation Retroshock as Allan and Chris are joined by R2T3’s own Suine Hallock! The guys chat about Resident Evil 1-4, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Metal Gear Solid where for once we hear Chris give off instead of Allan! Makes a change don’t ya think? Why though? one word, Raiden! Finally they speak about the memorable Mario Kart games, asking just why does Yoshi’s Kart have two speeds? Faaaast and waaaay too Faaaaaast! You’ll get it when you listen!

Also the guys have a Historic Guest Announcement to make for Episode 8 and trust us you will be dying to hear it! So go on get listening and Enjoy Episode 7 of Operation Retroshock!




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