Classic: Operation Retroshock – Episode 7

Well Hello there and Welcome back to Operation Retroshock! This Episode is nice and different because Allan and Chris are joined by Pop Culture Network colleague Suine Hallock and if you are a Pop Culture regular you know what that means! Its Turtle Time!

Our First topic of discussion is the remaining Resident Evil games. As you can remember the guys covered Resident Evil 5 in the very First Episode of Operation Retroshock, so they felt it was fitting to re-visit the series with Suine and discuss numbers 1 – 4.  So are you up for another trip into the land of Resident Evil or are you gonna cover your ears, close your eyes and hide? Oh come on you know you wanna hear!
Secondly we discussed an area close to our guests heart. He doesn’t have a show on PCN called Radical Retro Turtle Toy Talk for no reason! Suine and the guys talk about the Teenage Mutant Ninja/Hero Turtles games that have come out across the years and ask whether re-makes are necessary or should the money going in to developing new games?
Next on the list is Metal Gear Solid, Chris’ choice. They talk about the good, the bad and the ugly of Metal Gear. What was good about the originals and why we think the latest edition was a big let down. Plus for once it isn’t Allan giving off, Chris makes it known just how much he hates Raiden! It is rather funny when Chris hates something.
Finally, Allan gets to have his say on what is discussed, his choice? Mario Kart! What can be said about Mario Kart other than AMAZING! So buckle in and prepare for the ride of your life with the Mario gang and watch Yoshi’s Kart go in two speeds Faaaast and waaaaaay to Faaaaaaast! You’ll get it when you listen!
Allan and Chris round up by revealing a BIG name guest and we mean BIG, for the next episode and trust us, its gonna be something you’ll be dying to hear! ! All this and more on Operation Retroshock!



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