Classic: Operation Retroshock – Episode 6

Another episodeĀ is here! Thats right the first “Bonus” Episode of Operation Retroshock has arrived and you are in for a special treat. As the guys are now going to be doing the show on a more regular basis and thus they will be going back to their old format every other show! Yes that means Retro TV and Movies are Back! Soooo…
Our First subject of this show is what can be considered one of the biggest things in wrestling history….The Monday Night Wars! Allan and Chris talk about all things MNW’s, the people involved, the storylines and make passing reference to the epic fail that was TNA’s attempt to bring the war back!

The guys then shift gears into our second segment that looks at the amazing Retro movie, Who Framed Roger Rabbit! Brought to us by the two men who were the brains behind Allan’s favourite movie series (Back to the Future) Robert Zemeckis and Steven Spielberg. The guys talk about how this is such a memorable movie not only for it being so entertaining but for the technology used at the time. Is it true that Bob Hoskins went mad after filming? Also Allan attempts an impression of Porky Pig…..oooooh Pleeeease Noo!
The next port of call is a subject that the guys have got endless amounts of requests to cover, it is of course the Amazing, the Legendary and Extremely Retrotastic…..THUNDERCATS HOOOOOO! Not much needs to be said but that! Allan and Chris talk about their favourite characters, what they thought of the theme, the merchandise line and drop hints for the future of Thundercats on the show….Interested? Oh you will be!
Finally we do not have a 4th subject as such, but the guys debut a new segment by the name of Allan Vs Chris! We shall not tell you what it involves here, you will have to listen and then guess what is gonna happen! After this the guys round out the show in their usual fashion and announce not only their first competition but an upcoming interview!

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