Classic: Operation Retroshock – Episode 4

Its on like Donkey Kong! Hello everyone and Welcome to Operation Retroshock! ITS GAME TIME!

As you may have guessed this show is going to be game related. This is the perfect subject for our hosts who work surprise, surprise at a game store!
The first subject at hand for the show is the global phenomina known as Pokemon! Yes we here at Operation Retroshock are going to try and Catch em’ All! Allan and Chris look back at the original games that hit shelves just over a decade ago, that’s right Pokemon Red and Blue for the Game boy. The guys talk about how they discovered Pokemon and just some of the crazy stories from across the years that have come about as a result of these Pocket Monsters.¬† Not only are the original games looked at but there are passing comments about the Anime and other games released over the years.
Next we take a trip to Donkey Kong Island to look at a game close to Allan’s heart, Donkey Kong Country on the SNES. Why is this so? you’ll just have to listen and find out! The guys talk about how revolutionary this title was both graphically, musically and in playability. So why not grab a banana and listen out for Allan making an idiot of himself at the start of the segment!

The 3rd port of call for Allan and Chris is the fantastic holiday hot spot that is Vice City. Arguably the best Grand Theft Auto game in history but certainly the best for the story and music/radio stations. People still talk to this day that the music has a lasting impact on them so the guys will talk about this a great deal. So pull on a Hawaiian shirt, grab a cocktail and slide on those shades as we give you a tour of Vice City on PS2!

The finally game over the evening requires us to go deep undercover alongside the world most famous Secret Agent….Bond, James, Bond….wait a tick if he is the world most secret agent then how do we know of him? Never mind! We take a look at Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64, a game that many consider one of the best games ever to grace the N64 and that’s saying something! Listen up for what the guys have planned to do with the best N64 games!
The guys round up the show by discussing about you guys, yes you the person reading this! They want you to get involved with the show, drop them an Email or MP3. It can be anything game related, talk about any gaming memory you have or talk about your memories of the games covered in this episode! Leaving a voicemail will get you on the show and it would be great to hear from you. Contact us at the details as always at the bottom here.


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