Episode 1: What the Shell

Episode 1

Hey Dudes

Welcome to episode 1 of What the Shell. You are in the turtle lair but fear not as you have three turtle-rific hosts to guide you through the episode.  Dylan Cook, Mike Lacey and Chris Vint make up your turtle-tastic trio.  This is a podcast that will air monthly and possible extra episodes may happen depending on scheduling and news stories.

So what do the guys have lined up for you?  With New York ToyFair over a few weeks ago, the guys are talking about the classic TMNT reveals and the modern TMNT reveals toyline wise.  They discuss who they want to be made next, THAT playset and a few other things!

In the commercial break, make sure to check out Suine Hallock’s Radical Retro Turtle Toy Talk and if you are a fan of his work(why would you not be?) head over towww.radicalretro.com to check out his terrific web series! Thanks go to Suine for allowing us to use his audio in the podcast!

The guys also have an announcement and how you can be involved in it.  Tune in to find out what surprises they have up their sleeve!

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Till the next episode – COWABUNGA dudes!!


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