Rex, Zombie Killer Review

by Charles Suffel


Writer Rob Anderson
Artist/Cover Artist Dafu Yu
From the full page ad in February’s Diamond Previews:
In the wake of a zombie apocalypse, a Golden Retriever and a small pack of animals, accompanied by a bat-wielding gorilla, attempt to cross the country to find safety. But they’ll face many dangers, including a group of outlaw bikers! Homeward Bound meets The Walking Dead in this double-sized one-shot!
We’ve seen animal teams before We3 and Beasts of Burden are great examples. What drew me in immediately in this book was the team dynamic or the lack thereof. The animals aren’t written simply, they all have very distinct personalities and the dialogue seems very natural. This a rocky group, the pack mentality hasn’t kicked in yet. Watching Rex be a leader, the voice of reason, the big brother, the peacemaker, and the tactician all while trying to get where he wants to go really works. Kenji’s naivety, Brutus’ bravado, Buttercup’s optimism, and Snowball’s snotty aloofness make for an interesting combination. This book definitely doesn’t skimp on the zombie action. Rotters are all over the place and our heroes have to learn to think quickly and work together to keep themselves steps ahead from the shambling hoards. Throw in a group of nut-job bikers with a really sick idea of fun and you’ve got a book that keeps you turning pages and leaves you wanting more.
Post apocalyptic books are always an interesting playground, a great backdrop to showcase the human condition. I think by giving us a bunch of non-humans to follow Rob Anderson shows us a different and refreshing view of the usual zombie apocalypse. If all this sounds as good to you as it does to me get to your local comic shop order this book. The release date is April 25th. Stop by the website, it’s a great website with a lot of preview material and background stuff.
Format: ONE-SHOT
Price: $3.50

For more on Rex, Zombie Killer, check out Charles Suffel’s interview with creator Rob Anderson!

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