Review: King Conan #3

By Alex Vazquez

We’re three quarters of the way into our story, and as expected events are coming to a head, as assassins strike and blood-thirsty beasts are unleashed. All the while, our barbarian King has his back to the wall (just the way he likes it).

Timothy Truman’s bells and whistles have added an extra dimension to this retelling of Robert E. Howard’s original story. He follows the REH tradition of displaying Conan during the different eras in his life. More satisfyingly, it feels organic to the mythos.

Tomas Giorello and Jose Villarubia’s artwork has yet to disappoint, the page depicting a certain snake is especially sublime. Moreover, I find the panels juxtaposing between the different points in Conan’s life beautifully subtle.

The last issue can’t get here any sooner. May Mitra deliver it with swiftness!






























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