Charismagic #5 Review

by Charles Suffel

Aspen Comics – Charismagic Issue 5 – The Witching
Created & Written by: Vince Hernandez
Character Designs & Illustrations by: Khary Randolph
Additional pencil assissts: Lori Hanson
Colors by: Emilio Lopez
Letters by: Josh Reed
Genre: Action/Adventure/Fantasy


 “Everything you know about magic will…vanish. Hank Medley was at the top of his game. As a Las Vegas magician, or as he preferred to be called– “An Entertainer,” his life was filled with fame, wealth, and excitement. Yet, his fortune and stardom quickly disappeared faster than his world famous vanishing trick. Soon, Hank discovers that magic, something he thought only existed in his fictitious Vegas show, is far more real than he ever could have imagined on stage. And this shocking realization sends him on a deadly quest filled with wizards, sorcerers, druids, witches and mythical creatures of magic– to not only save humanity from a deadly catastrophic form of evil, but also to transform everything he knew about himself in the process.”

Previously (in Charismagic #4): Hank, along with Sudana and Sparkles, has made his way jungles of Costa Rica in search of Kon. What they find are The Guardians, protectors of Kon’s temple, will they be friend or foe? Meanwhile Kon battles Samsun but the battle isn’t going very well. Hector and Alle get captured in the Void Realm, can they survive?

This book is beautiful, Randolph and Hanson’s pencils with Lopez’s colors compliment each other perfectly, This book has an epic sky battle, lush jungles and gorgeous fight scenes. As for the story? It’s always hard to jump into a miniseries several issues in but after reading the book twice I’m definitely ready to say, this series is really well done! This is an intricate well crafted story of magic and other realms. The plot is kind of complicated but I was able to grasp it and I’m no rocket scientist. The characters are relate-able and interesting, the interactions between them read smoothly the dialogue is very well written. I don’t know if I’d say jump in on issue five of a six issue series but if you can find the back issues this ones a definite read!

Aspen has a habit of running in volumes so maybe this ones got a volume two on the horizon?


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