Review-Usagi Yojimbo # 144

By Alex Vazquez

Usagi Yojimbo # 144 presents the satisfying conclusion to the ‘Shoyu’ two-parter. As predicted, the action ramps up and the katanas fly.

As a new reader of this series I find Stan Sakai’s art endearing — it’s like Charles M. Shulz meets Goseki Kojima (Lone Wolf and Cub). There is a lot of swordplay, as one would expect from a series about a Ronin (masterless Samurai). However, don’t expect to see any blood in this kid-friendly series. With that said, Usagi still eff’s up his enemy’s with extreme prejudice.

Mr. Sakai also wraps up the story nicely; the villain gets his comeuppance and Usagi is there to give a fitting one-liner. While this story follows the tropes of a jidaigeki (Japanese historical drama) to a tee, it does so with style and class.

I’m looking forward to what trouble Usagi-san gets into next issue. Until then, pour that soy sauce and enjoy.





























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  1. As it says in the letters page, the next issue won’t be out for quite a few months.  I’m taking a hiatus from Usagi to work on a yet-unannounced project with Dark Horse publisher Mike Richardson.  When Usagi does return, though, it will be in a pretty wild story arc that I had been planning for years.  Thanks for the great review.
    Stan Sakai

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