Preview / Review Princeless Issue #4

By Chuck Suffel

Jeremy Whitley – Story (@jrome58 on twitter) M. Goodwin – Art, Colors  Dave Dwonch – Letters (@DaveDwonch on twitter)
Action Labs Entertainment  (@ActionLab on twitter) with Firetower Studios (@firetower_news on twitter)

So yea I’ve reviewed every issue of this comic to date. Why you ask? Because this book deserves to be talked about. There are a bunch of writers out there constantly going on about the big two (Marvel and DC) not doing enough to draw in the female demographic. They should be pushing this book on everyone they meet. You want to change how the comic book industry views women? As fans and as characters? Make a book like this a best selling title. Complaining only gets us so far, we need to point to titles like this one and say see this is what we’re talking about! Okay rant over, let’s get to the good stuff!

Adrienne makes a friend! At the end of number three Princess Adrienne and Bedella the smith were trapped and under attack, what follows if some good old fashioned fighting and some well written bonding between the girls. Will they stick together? Is Bedella the heroic type? What about Adrienne’s sisters? Read this book. This was an action packed issue with some of the best artwork of the series. I really hope we can keep the good buzz going on this series, I’m looking forward to the further adventures of Adrienne!

Speaking of further adventures issue number four may be the end of book one but I have it on good authority (twitter that is LOL) that book two is already in the works!

Issue #4 drops on January 28th

In other Priceless news there’s this press release from Actionlab Comics:

“This April, Action Lab Entertainment presents the critically acclaimed Princeless: Save Yourself (Diamond Order Code FEB120706), collecting the first volume of the sprawling fantasy adventure series by Jeremy Whitley and M. Goodwin. Join Princess Adrienne, her guardian dragon Sparky and a rough and tough sidekick named Bedelia, as they begin their own quest for adventure designed specifically for those who are tired of waiting to be rescued, and who are ready to save themselves.

Plus, as an added bonus, Princeless: Save Yourself contains a special, never-before-seen team-up short story between “Princeless” and “Skullkickers” written by Skullkickers creator Jim Zub and featuring the art of M. Goodwin. Skullkickers ( is Image Comics’ irreverent sword & sorcery action-comedy series, and we are proud to be able to present this team-up that will give fans of both series something fun and memorable.”

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