Review:Dark Matter from Dark Horse comics

By Chuck Suffel

Writer: Joseph Mallozzi, Paul Mullie Artist: Garry Brown (@GarryBoom) Colorist: Ryan Hill Cover Artist: Garry Brown

From the Dark Horse site: “A derelict ship floats in space, its troubled crew awakened from stasis with no memories of who they are or how they got on board. Their search for answers triggers the vessel’s deadly security system: a relentless android bent on their destruction. Facing threats at every turn, they have to work together to survive a voyage charged with vengeance, redemption, betrayals, and hidden secrets best left unknown.”

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What? Oh you want to know more oh okay…


When I looked this one over I was expecting a horror science fiction book with emphasis on the horror, very dark and gruesome. The theme lends itself easily to that idea. A derelict ship, the crew with no memories, I though it was going to turn into a slasher film. But it didn’t, this is a well written science fiction mystery. It makes sense that it would be since Joseph Mallozzi, Paul Mullie are well known as the writer/producer team from the Stargate franchise. That being said at first glance it seemed like it was going to be formulaic but on second read through I was pleasantly surprised, issue one has a solid plot which set up a ton of questions. If Mallozzi and Mullie answer half of them it’ll be a fun ride.

The art work is dark without being overly broody and Garry Brown’s pencils (last seen in X-Men: To Serve and Protect story titled “Shells” as well as a 10 page story in last years Batman 80 page Giant) are a great fit for a sci-fi story. Ryan Hill’s colors (most recently seen in House of Night #’s 1 & 2) are deep and mysterious.

The storytelling isn’t what I would call suspenseful but there was a lot of story to get into this issue in order to get he reader hooked. I think this book accomplishes that and a little more. It reminded this
reader that I love a good mystery, even in space.

Publication Date: January 11, 2012 Format: FC, 32 pages Price: $3.50 UPC:7 61568 18060 2 00111

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