Review- The Immortal


By Chuck Suffel

Demon in the Blood #1

Writer: Ian Edginton, Penciller: Vicenç Villagrasa Inker: José Luis Río Colorist: José Luis Río, Dan Jackson Cover Artist: Long Vo

“This book is due out 12-21-2011, so please be aware some of the things mentioned here could constitute spoilers! I have done my best to avoid mentioning anything specific that wasn’t in the solicits.”

Japan 1859, the rule of the shogun is fading and along with it the samurai. The ancient culture slowly eroded by the encroaching world, the wonders of the Steam Age challenging the ancient magic of the past. But Amane Ichinose, a samurai, will soon find out the ancient magics are still strong and his life will be forever changed by them. Branded a traitor and left for dead his life is saved by a tattoo artist and the immortal “oni” Amane is now linked to. What life will this ex-samurai now apprentice tattoo artist have, what price will the gift of life he’s received cost?

This was a very basic issue one, we meet the cast of characters follow the setup and are left to ponder the inevitable “what’s next”. The story is well told, the art is really good with characters that are well thought out and easily recognizable from one panel/page to the next. I was especially impressed with the depictions of the “oni”. I’m not a huge fan of Japanese stories per-say but this one has my interest. If you’re a completion-ist then by all means pick this up but I have a funny feeling issue 2 will have a decent recap and hopefully give us a clue as to where are protagonist will head on his new path.

Adapted from the Japanese novel URA-ENMA by Fumi Nakamura.

Publication Date: December 21, 2011 Format: FC, 32 pages Price: $3.50 UPC: 7 61568 19207 0 00111

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