Demand for the controversial and critically acclaimed collection from the legendary Milo Manara has driven distributors to a sell out of Volume 1!   This library marks the first comprehensive North American hardcover collection of Italian comics legend Milo Manara’s work. The first of nine volumes, The Manara Library Volume 1 collects two of Manara’s seminal works in a magnificently appointed, deluxe hardcover edition. The sweeping epic Indian Summer, a collaboration with celebrated creator Hugo Pratt, is collected here along with Manara’s The Paper Man, both translated by Euro comics expert Kim Thompson.  It also features a fantastic foreword by Frank Miller!

In February, Dark Horse will publish Volume 2 of The Milo Manara Library! This deluxe hardcover features the newly translated, sweeping historical epic El Gaucho, the second of Manara’s storied collaborations with his mentor Hugo Pratt, author of the internationally acclaimed Corto Maltese. Rounding out this volume is Trial by Jury, a series of shorts, never before published in the US, in which some of history’s most notorious figures undergo a mock trial.

This is the first and only comprehensive English collection of Manara’s work, so head to your local comic retailer and pick up a copy before the first printing is gone for good! “In the hand of Milo Manara, the Old West is a generous, delicious feast for the eyes.” -Frank Miller on Manara “Beautiful historical work with gorgeous people and really erotic undertones.” -Neil Gaiman on Manara Manara Library Volume 1 is on sale now and is scheduled for a reprint!

Manara Library Volume 2 is on sale February 8th, 2012!

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