9/11 10 years later

Standing in the shadow of the World Trade Center isn’t a badge of honor,it’s a mark of the beast. Sometimes, It’s almost to surreal and reflecting back is almost too hard but yet here we are.
I wasn’t working in the Trade center on 9/11. I hadn’t worked in the buildings since 2000 yet I remember so clearly all the people I once knew. Names will escape your mind but faces stay.

One of my new closest friends survived the attacks by being too lazy to get to work.This act saved her
life. The company she worked for in the Trade Center was the site of impact for one of the planes. No one survived and if she was there she wouldn’t be a close friend today.

No life is too little nor too great,each one is significant and never trivial. So 10 years later we reflect at the promise of change and the promise that we will never forget and never surrender!

Rob Base 9/11/11

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